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"If I was able to do 10 stars in this review I would! Gina has been instrumental in helping me rebrand my business and take it to the next level. After struggling for the last few years in an industry that's been hit hard - the wedding business — I came to Gina because I knew she was extremely knowledgeable in my industry. I wanted her to take a good look and see what was working and what wasn't. In just a short time we had a strategy and in only two weeks my beautifully designed website was up and running! I couldn't believe how fast and efficient she is and truly feel blessed that I found her. Gina is understanding, listens closely to what you want, works tirelessly to help you achieve your goals, and for me, understood the urgency of what my needs were. In literally a few days of my site's launch, the business is flooding in! And, the systems she is implementing now are helping to manage all of this new work efficiently and effectively. I cannot recommend you hire Gina TODAY!"
Dana P, Beautiful Brides
"DO NOT hesitate to hire Gina! She is absolutely amazing and knows everything there is to know about running a bridal business. I had hired 3 other "coaches" in the past who were ALL more expensive and Gina blew them all out of the water by far! She is kind and patient and truly listens. The other coaches I had in the past all wanted to push their ideas on me of how I should run my business but Gina offered several different solutions and helped me to figure out what felt right for me and my business. She has a unique way of truly understanding what it takes to run a business day to day while also taking the big picture into consideration at the same time! Hiring Gina has been a game changer for me and my business!
Susan P, Simple Elegance
"Gina is an absolute savant at what she does. I'm a new business owner and consultant myself and I appreciate her unfiltered, get down to brass tacks approach that many like-minded entrepreneurs would like to know. If you're looking to build your business, I would highly recommend contacting Gina!"
AJ M, Creatist Consulting
"Gina Ludwig knows her stuff. I was so inspired, I followed one small suggestion, (and she had many) and already booked 3 new weddings from taking direction from her. I have always wanted a mentor that wasn't threatened by competition, and I have to say Gina is more than generous to share what she knows. I would recommend her to anyone starting out or even already established wanting to expand!"
Sarah H, SHE Artists
“Gina is amazing! She has a way of taking the most complicated business problems and breaking them down into simple, easy to understand solutions. She has saved me countless hours by making my business more streamlined which has allowed me to grow my business more quickly than I ever thought possible!”
Tyler L, Step Right Up
"My friend told me about Gina and I was hesitant at first to hire her, only because I have had bad experiences in the past working with business consultants. After our initial free consultation, I knew that Gina was different. She is incredibly down to earth and never makes you feel like you are stupid or don't know what you are doing, which is what had happened to me in the past with other consultants. Her advice and business knowledge is very simple and easy to understand. She has a way of breaking things down so that they make sense and so that you know exactly what to do and in what order. I highly recommend Gina and her company for anyone in the bridal industry!"
Allison R, Be Our Guest
"Thank you so much Gina, I can't tell you how much you have helped me with my business! I have only been in business for about a year and was struggling to figure out how to get my name out there and book more brides. Gina helped me to completely organize my business so that I now actually feel like a business owner instead of feeling like I was just faking it. Not only does she know about every area of running a business but the fact that she specializes in weddings makes all of her advice and knowledge even more useful. I was nervous at first about making the investment especially since I am just starting out but it was worth every penny! 
Allison L, AL Photography
“I am so grateful that I found Gina! I had SO many ideas I wanted to implement in my business but I was drowning in all of the day to day tasks. Gina helped me to organize my business and create systems that gave me the precious time I needed to focus on actually growing my business. My bookings are already up and continue to grow and I credit the systems that Gina implemented to make this possible. Thank you!” 
Danielle H, A Very Special Event
"I hired Gina to make a few changes to my website. Not only did she quickly make the changes I needed but she went above and beyond by giving me valuable business advice during the process. I implemented the changes she suggested and instantly saw in increase in my interested brides and bookings! I am so grateful that I found Gina and I now refer her to everyone I know in the wedding industry!"
Theresa T, A Moment in Time
"5 Stars from me and I'd give her more if I could!  As a business owner, I sought out a coach so that I could get some very personal advice relating to that business.  Gina was everything I had hoped she would be and more.  To say she is worth the money is the understatement of the year!  I believe that the key is she is an extraordinary listener.  Gina listened to what my needs were, then quickly honed into my strengths and weaknesses.  Then Gina gave me practical advice that I've already put into action (in my business and in my personal life).  Gina loves what she does - that's evident in her caring nature but also in her determination to really help the person she is focusing on.  I look forward to my next session with her.  It really feels good to be heard.  The world is a noisy place, and I did feel more peace after our session.  Thanks Gina!
Jennifer A, Formal Faces
"Gina brings a practical, down to earth, no bullshit approach to her business coaching. She has a wealth of knowledge, from high level business strategy, to the down and dirty day to day practices. She is a great listener and truly wants to help your business succeed, keeping it authentic to you, but adding in her expertise to help it thrive and avoid pitfalls. She gives guidance in an empowering way without telling you what to do - she was able to help me through some difficult challenges, giving me the tools to make the right decisions for my business. I now consider Gina a personal friend that I can count on to have my back as I continue growing my business."
Victoria N, Vanity Belle
"I can't say enough wonderful things about Gina! The support and first hand account that she shared with me on how to set the business up, programs to use, what to look out for, best marketing practices, and how to manage a team, were worth gold to me. I continue to reflect on teachings that she shared with me, that have made more sense over time. She is very organized, strong willed, and direct. I cannot give her enough praise for her support, during the time I needed it most!"
Brandi M, Soiree Beauty
“Working with Gina one on one has been a game changer. There is no way that I could have seen such a transformation in my business without her.”
Ashley C, Eiffel Beaute
"Working with Gina for the past 7 years has brought so much growth and a wealth of knowledge to our business. With her creative ideas and advice, the continued support is priceless. If you have the opportunity to collaborate with Gina, take the opportunity and watch your career explode!"
Ashley R, Updos for I Do's
"Working with Gina has not only been inspiring as an artist, it has been supportive, and all around educational as a business owner. Gina has been very quick to reply to any questions or requests I've had, and is so sweet & genuine!"
Gina K, True Beauty Marks
"Thank you so much Gina for helping me to grow my business. I had tried for years to find reliable people to work for me and you helped me to finally build a team that I can truly rely on. I will definitely be hiring you to help me with all of the other areas of my business very soon!"
Nicole P, Studio Bloom
“Gina has been a wonderful resource as I have navigated my business. She has helped me with all the processes to expand and hire the best talent. She is very knowledgeable and provides so much education to answer any question along the way. I would highly recommend her and her business to anyone. She has made the process so much easier!” 
Sharlene Mitchell, Blush + Rose
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