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I'm Gina, nice to meet you!

Hey there...Gina here!

I started my first bridal business over 20 years ago with a $200 investment and turned it into a multi six figure company that serviced over 600 weddings a year and was featured in over 100 national publications and network television shows. 

While I have studied every area of business, my greatest knowledge comes from my own personal experience and trial and error. I have a knack for taking complicated business concepts and simplifying them to help keep you focused, save you time and money and quickly achieve your business goals. 


My style is straight to the point but I also understand that everyone is on their own journey in life and in business and I respect and meet people where they are with love and compassion. 

If you think I could be of service to you and your business, I would love for you to set up a free consultation and find out. There is never any pressure or expectations!



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